Drought continues to ravage California and Texas

Drought Bloomberg writer Alan Bjerga reported yesterday that, “The drought that is withering vegetable and fruit crops in California may push up food prices more than the dry spell that ravaged the Corn Belt in 2012, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said....

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Care for your Horse, Switch to Rice Hulls

Rice Hulls are an excellent alternative to traditional wood shavings, just ask the horses. Rice Hull bedding is favored by horses, especially with sensitive skin and other allergies. They prevent hock sores and bacterial and fungal infections. Rice Hulls contribute to...

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Reflecting this Memorial Day

It's 7:45 am with Memorial Day on the horizon, great weather outside and I’m in flip-flops and shorts driving to work. I let my employees have a short day on “Flip Flop Friday” to celebrate some of the new business ventures that we are entering. I couldn’t help but...

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The Ingredients of Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of competition in America and all over the world. Failure to innovate will leave a successful business crippled while another company steals their market share. Just ask Blockbuster who, in 2000, could have bought the online video streaming...

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