Rice Hulls are an excellent alternative to traditional wood shavings, just ask the horses. Rice Hull bedding is favored by horses, especially with sensitive skin and other allergies. They prevent hock sores and bacterial and fungal infections. Rice Hulls contribute to a healthy and happier horse, and it shows in mental and physical performance and well being. They create a soft bed that provides a deeper sleep for your horse.

Rice Hulls are also easier to rake because they slip right through the rake and remain in the bed.

Not only are Rice Hulls better for the Horse, they are far cheaper than wood shavings. Converting to Rice Hulls can save horse owners thousands of dollars!

Rice Hulls can be used by themselves or layered under wood shavings to provide a soft bed for the horse with extra cushion and drainage.

Call us today and we can discuss the advantages of switching to Rice Hulls and calculate how much you would save.


Christopher Cota