It’s 7:45 am with Memorial Day on the horizon, great weather outside and I’m in flip-flops and shorts driving to work. I let my employees have a short day on “Flip Flop Friday” to celebrate some of the new business ventures that we are entering. I couldn’t help but think as to how lucky I am as an American living in this great country. Life brings its trials and tribulations and this economic crisis has been difficult for all. But growing up in America, I know I am a very fortunate person. The many things that Americans take for granted; safety, security, and freedom, are luxuries that not all of the worlds citizens can enjoy.

It’s very cliché, but Freedom isn’t Free, The service men and woman of the United States have and continuously protect our country and allow people like myself, to own a business and do what I love to do.

This weekend will be celebrated with BBQ’s, and friends and family swimming and enjoying the sunshine. But please don’t forget to reflect on the servicemen and woman of our great country. Regardless of your thoughts on politics and foreign policy, this last decade has been a difficult time for American soldiers. Please take a moment of silence this weekend to honor and remember the fallen soldiers that have protected this great nation, and pray for the ones that are still with us.

God Bless and Have a Great Memorial Day

Christopher Cota

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